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WTP Advisors Brings on New Transfer Pricing Talent

Apr 03, 2013

WTP Advisors Brings on New Transfer Pricing Talent

Stéphane Dupuis, Former KPMG Chief Economist, to Develop Canadian Market

NEW YORK - WTP Advisors, an award-winning, global tax and business advisory firm, announced today that Stéphane Dupuis, who was most recently a KPMG partner, has joined its transfer pricing practice.

“Stéphane’s global approach and his Canadian perspective will further strengthen our ability to serve our global clients,” says Dave Wain, partner and co-founder of WTP Advisors.

Based in Montreal, Stéphane has over fifteen years of transfer pricing experience with Big Four accounting firms, including over ten years as the Chief Economist of KPMG’s transfer pricing practice in Montreal. 

Michael Flaherty, WTP transfer pricing partner, says, “WTP Advisors is truly fortunate to be able to add Stéphane to our team of transfer pricing professionals.  We stress a multi-disciplinary approach to transfer pricing, providing our clients with highly experienced lawyers, economists, and analysts working as a team to offer international tax-planning solutions and value-added resources to our clients.  Stéphane adds significantly to the capabilities of our team in North America, and we look forward to introducing him to our clients and global affiliates.”      

Stéphane will team up with WTP Advisors to develop the Canadian market for transfer pricing services and also partake in developing WTP Advisors’ global reach. As a managing director, Stéphane will also deepen WTP Advisors' practices in the industries where he is known for his vast experience and knowledge, particularly in the life science and biopharmaceutical sectors.

“I’m excited to work with Stéphane again,” says Guy Sanschagrin, WTP Advisors transfer pricing managing director. “He is very creative and has a strong reputation in the field for his technical skills and knowledge. At the same time, he maintains a practical, balanced approach our clients need and expect.” 

As companies increasingly look to transfer pricing as an essential element of their strategic planning, WTP is uniquely positioned to offer its expertise, productivity improvement frameworks and analytical tools to support company objectives.

“WTP’s agility lets us focus completely on our clients, and deliver world-class services more quickly and efficiently than our competitors who must navigate through cumbersome internal channels and administrative requirements,” says Guy.

"I'm very excited to join WTP Advisors and particularly its great team of transfer pricing professionals", says Stéphane. "Having seen the quality of resources and the client service culture of the firm, I feel we are set to make a difference and bring outstanding value-add solutions to the market."

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